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Correcting a Bad Bite with Orthodontic Treatment

A bad bite can be not only unappealing to look at, but can also come with a myriad of potential oral health problems that can lead to serious health conditions that may impact your daily life. Fortunately, bad bites can be  corrected with orthodontic treatment from a Specialist Orthodontist.

“Occlusion” is the way in which your upper and lower teeth come together when your mouth is closed; a bad bite is known as “malocclusion”, and is simply a misalignment of your teeth or jaw. This can be caused by numerous oral conditions such as:

  •   crowded teeth
  •   lost teeth
  •   ill-fitting fillings
  •   prolonged dummy or bottle use
  •   injuries pertaining to the teeth or jaw

Malocclusion can impact your daily routine by contributing to headaches, tooth sensitivity, jaw and tooth pain, and lost confidence due to being dissatisfied with the aesthetics of your teeth.

If your teeth are abnormally aligned, biting or chewing is uncomfortable, you experience difficulties with speech, or you breathe through the mouth, you may have a bad bite.

Malocclusion is the most common reason patients are referred to an orthodontist. Norwest Orthodontics’ Specialist Orthodontist Dr. Purkayastha is experienced with malocclusion and can aid you in regaining confidence with your smile. During your consultations with Dr. Purkayastha, your teeth will be assessed and a recommended orthodontic treatment option will be suggested. These may include an orthodontic brace to correct your teeth’s position or even a plate or retainer to mildly adjust your smile

Don’t allow malocclusion to affect your health. Contact Norwest Orthodontics and regain confidence in your smile while protecting your health today.

Correcting a Bad Bite with Orthodontic Treatment

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