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Breathe well. Sleep well. Live well.

A quiet night of restful sleep with SomnoDent, the latest in sleep apnoea dentistry

Dr. Shimanto Purkayastha treats many patients who suffer from snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) with a sleep apnoea treatment referred to as Somnodent therapy.

Snoring occurs when the soft tissues at the back of your throat become too relaxed and vibrate. The vibrations caused by your breathing results in the snoring sound.

There are several other factors that could contribute to your snoring and compel you to seek sleep apnoea treatment:

  • A Narrow Airway – This can result from your natural build
  • Weight Gain or a Large Neck – This puts pressure on your airway passage
  • Alcohol Use – Drinking alcohol relaxes the soft tissues in your airway
  • Age – Muscle tone decreases as you get older
  • Sleep Posture – Sleeping on your back encourages the muscles at the back of your throat to relax

Snoring could also be a symptom of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) -a very serious sleep disordered breathing condition which occurs due to the narrowing or total closure of the airway.

When your airway is narrow, you or your partner may notice that you snore.

Snoring is often no greater problem than the noise itself. However, loud snoring may be a sign of a more serious problem – Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.

OSA occurs when the airway becomes completely blocked and breathing stops. The brain then detects the lack of oxygen and prompts a momentary arousal to draw breath. Although Obstructive Sleep Apnoea sufferers may experience hundreds of apnoea episodes per night, they are unlikely to remember any of them. In fact, when sufferers live or sleep alone, they may not be aware of their condition, even after many years.

People who suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea often:

  • Feel unrefreshed upon waking
  • Feel sleepy during the day
  • Cannot concentrate and retain information

If you feel you may have Obstructive Sleep Apnoea you should:

  • See Dr. Shimanto Purkayastha at Norwest Orthodontics who will be able to assess your suitability for a SomnoDent and refer you for a sleep test or
  • Visit your general practitioner and request a sleep test. When you are diagnosed by a Sleep Physician or Sleep Apnoea Dentist, you can discuss your suitability for a SomnoDent and see Dr. Shimanto Purkayastha for a consultation regarding SomnoDent therapy

SomnoDent is an Oral Sleep Apnoea Appliance consisting of two dental plates which look similar to a sports mouth guard. The sleep apnoea treatment SomnoDent is custom-made to fit your mouth and should be worn at night while you are sleeping.

Using a titration key, the SomnoDent can be gradually adjusted to bring your lower jaw forward, opening up your airway. This sleep apnoea treatment is painless and non-invasive. SomnoDent therapy can be used in conjunction with other treatment modalities.

The SomnoDent allows you to open and close your mouth, which means you can talk or drink with the appliance in position.

Because SomnoDent is custom-made to fit your mouth, you will find the appliance to be surprisingly comfortable and discreet. Most patients become accustomed to wearing the device after about a week.

If you suffer from mild to moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, the SomnoDent should benefit you. If your OSA is classified as severe and you cannot tolerate other recommended treatments, then speak to your Sleep Physician or  Dr. Shimanto Purkayastha about trying the SomnoDent.

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