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15 fascinating facts about teeth

Over a lifetime we develop 52 teeth, spend about 38.5 days brushing them, use them for a host of functions like eating, speaking and pride ourselves on flashing them every time we smile. But although teeth are an everyday part of life and an essential tool in general health and (...)

The state of Australia’s dental health

Australia’s dental health report card is in, and the results indicate we could be doing much better when it comes to caring for our teeth. The Government’s latest Oral Health and Dental Care study indicates Australians aged 15 and over have on average 12.8 missing and decayed teeth, and the (...)

Teeth development – a timeline

 bone Teeth development happens long before we are born.  We then spend nearly two decades working through a complex multi-phase process that sees all teeth in place by about the time we transition into adulthood. It’s a fascinating timeline where a number of factors are at play. So, here’s an (...)

Why see an orthodontist?

When most people think of orthodontics their mind immediately turns to braces, but that’s just one of the services performed by an orthodontist. Here’s a list of other reasons you would see an orthodontist, and why they are an essential contact to have in the pursuit of general health. Early (...)

Pick this smile…

A great smile translates across nationalities, cultures, and class of life, genuinely welcoming people into your world and enabling them to share the emotion behind the grin. It illustrates self-confidence, elicits a warm response and allows you to enjoy a host of health benefits that come with being happy in (...)

Avoiding orthodontic relapse

If you’ve invested time and money in orthodontic treatment to create the perfect smile, the last thing you want is to see those beautiful pearly whites move out of their perfectly aligned position. But the reality is, teeth can begin to shift after braces for a variety of reasons. Known (...)

Five ways a new smile can transform your life

No matter your age, there’s no time like the present to embrace a great smile, and the truth is the benefits of a confident, unbridled smile can extend into areas of your life you never imagined. From how you’re perceived to your inner happiness and health, here are five reasons (...)

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