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Meet Norwest Ortho Team Member Lisa!

1.     As your accent gives away, you weren’t born in Australia! Where are you from and when did you arrive in Australia?

I am originally from Ireland. I came to Australia in July 2013 with two of my friends from back home. We enjoyed travelling from Perth all the way to Uluru. Then we travelled across the east coast of Australia before I decided to permanently settle in this beautiful country.

 2.     Did any of your family make the move with you?

I have two gorgeous nephews and a lovely sister. Unfortunately none of my family members made the move with me. But I was lucky to have lived in Canberra for some time where I stayed with my uncle from Ireland. I also met my boyfriend Michael in Canberra – who is also from Ireland! Now we are both happily settled in Sydney

 3.     Have you visited anywhere else in Australia? Why did you choose to live in Sydney?

Yes, I really enjoy travelling! My favourite places would have to be Magnetic Island and Airlie Beach. I decided to move to Sydney for work reasons and also a year in Canberra was long enough!

4.     What interested you in working at Norwest Orthodontics as a dental nurse?

I worked as an aged care assistant for 7 years and then decided I wanted a change. I was quite keen on dental nursing as I really enjoy looking after the patients. I am very happy to have been given the opportunity to gain experience at Norwest Orthodontics. I really enjoy working alongside a great team!

Meet Norwest Ortho Team Member Lisa!

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