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Orthodontic issues that come back to “bite” as we age

Just like any area of the body, the teeth and jaw feel the impacts of age, while the habits we develop over a lifetime can add up to have dire consequences for our dental health. That’s why we stress the fact orthodontic treatment isn’t just about having a beaming, straight (...)

Why we use Damon braces

While orthodontic treatment is designed to straighten teeth and correct a misaligned bite, the technology behind them is not universal. In fact, treatment has come a long way in the past two decades with different styles, types and techniques available. At Norwest Orthodontics, our system of choice is Damon Braces, (...)

10 hidden benefits of straight teeth

A beautiful smile may be the ultimate outcome of orthodontic treatment, but there are also a host of hidden benefits to having straight teeth. The advantages of a winning smile extend long into the future and encompass everything from psychological wellbeing to better general health. Here are just some of (...)

How orthodontics can benefit speech

Just as orthodontic intervention can assist with better breathing, improved sleep and the general appearance of the smile, an often-overlooked fact is that it can also benefit speech. That’s because the formation of the jaw and the way the tongue interacts with the teeth has a direct impact on the (...)

Maintaining great teeth for life

A beautiful smile takes maintenance. Long after the braces have been removed and the retainer is cast aside, these perfectly straightened teeth will serve you in a life filled with eating, chewing, talking and the occasional knock and grind. At Norwest Orthodontics, our aim is to see you enjoy a (...)

A word to the wise about wisdom teeth

Just when you have all those pearly whites lined up and prepare to enter adulthood, along come wisdom teeth. Predicting what wisdom teeth will do is a key element of orthodontic treatment, so here is a word to the wise about wisdom teeth. Wisdom Teeth Also known as third molars, (...)

Five things you may not know about Norwest Orthodontics

A relationship with an orthodontist is one that’s likely to last years, which is why it’s important to get acquainted with the orthodontic practice you select to understand their values, procedures and general ethos. At Norwest Orthodontics, we view our patients as part of our family and pride ourselves on (...)

Do I need teeth removed due to crowding?

One of the most common questions orthodontists are asked is: Do I need teeth removed due to crowding? And the short answer is - only if it is indicated. At Norwest Orthodontics we assess every patient on an individual basis and only in some cases will it be necessary to (...)

Tooth grinding and braces

Ever woken up in the morning with sore teeth or a dull headache? Well chances are you might be grinding your teeth. Estimated to affect half the population at some time of their lives, and five per cent of people regularly, grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw can have (...)

Orthodontic terms explained

Like many areas of the medical profession, orthodontics comes with its fair share of specific terms, and chances are you’ll hear a few over the course of orthodontic treatment. Here are some of the most common orthodontic terms and what they really mean… Adjustment – An appointment with your orthodontist (...)

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