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Taking care of your orthodontic retainer

Congratulations, the braces are off! But although the hard work of shifting and aligning teeth might be complete, the next phase of orthodontic treatment is no less important. Now it’s about keeping those fresh, smooth, pearly whites in their rightful position and chances are your orthodontist has furnished you with (...)

Habits that damage your smile

A great smile is worth protecting as it’s a feature that will carry you with confidence through life. But did you know there are a range of habits that can potentially damage that smile? We’re not just talking poor diet or oral hygiene here, either, but seemingly innocuous daily habits (...)

A word to the wise about wisdom teeth

Just when you have all those pearly whites lined up and prepare to enter adulthood, along come wisdom teeth. Predicting what wisdom teeth will do is a key element of orthodontic treatment, so here is a word to the wise about wisdom teeth. Wisdom Teeth Also known as third molars, (...)

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