Your first appointment allows us to meet you and discuss your concerns

This appointment is designed to inform you, in detail, about the nature and extent of the orthodontic treatment required.

To book your first visit with us you do not need a referral but if your dentist has provided one then please bring it along.

By focusing on your concerns and wishes we will:

  • Explain the treatment you may require and the types of appliances that can be used
  • Explain the length of treatment and what you can expect at each appointment
  • Answer all your questions relating to your orthodontic treatment and discuss the financial arrangement

If orthodontic treatment is required, diagnostic records will be necessary. These may include the following:

  • Digital photographs of the teeth and face
  • Digital X-rays to determine the position of teeth, jaws and soft tissues
  • Study casts of the teeth to determine tooth size and analyse the relationship between the teeth

At Norwest Orthodontics, we listen to you and provide a personalized approach. We will fully inform you about your treatment options prior to proceeding. All our patients’ treatments are customized to ensure their desires and needs are met in a warm, comfortable and friendly environment.