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What should you expect from an orthodontist?

Whether you’re an adult looking to undergo orthodontic treatment or you are seeking an orthodontist to assess and treat your child, finding the right professional to work with is critical. The orthodontic journey can span years and should see you emerge at the end with a beaming smile that sets (...)

Working together – dentists and orthodontists

As two of the major players in the general field of dentistry, the main ethos of dentists and orthodontists is to improve your oral health and create, care for and maintain a great smile. Often, we work together, with our services complementing each other as part of a wider commitment (...)

What our patients love about Norwest Orthodontics

Over the years we’ve treated thousands of patients at Norwest Orthodontics, and we’ve been heartened not only by the excellent orthodontic results, but also by the positive way people reflect on their experience at our practice. We firmly believe our role is to treat people, not just teeth. So, here’s (...)

Things to look for in an orthodontist

Like any area of healthcare, a good orthodontic experience involves understanding your options, knowing what’s involved, and establishing open communication with the team who will be handling your care. At its heart this “discovery phase” is about creating a relationship of trust that allows you to rest assured the orthodontic (...)

The stages of braces

Achieving the perfect smile isn’t just about straightening teeth, it also involves ensuring the jaw and bite align correctly to enable effective chewing, prevent teeth wear and to maintain oral health into the future. Ensuring these factors come together during braces’ treatment involves the skill and foresight of your orthodontist, (...)

The difference between an orthodontist and a dentist

While dentists and orthodontists both have a focus on oral care and teeth, the expertise they bring to the table and the specialties they offer are vastly different. Meanwhile, they’re not the only two types of professionals working in the field of oral care. The field of dentistry is filled (...)

Why experience counts when attending the orthodontist

Over the course of treatment, chances are you will spend a fair bit of time at your orthodontist, getting to know the team and using the practice facilities. At Norwest Orthodontics, we believe that experience should be friendly, welcoming and enjoyable, while taking up only a minimal amount of your (...)

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