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The health benefits of having straight teeth

Having braces to straighten teeth not only gives you a great aesthetic result but will also in effect see you in better dental health for many years to come. There are both physical and mental health benefits to having straight teeth. Orthodontists in Sydney can agree that having straight teeth will see you with the following health benefits:

  • Increased confidence and well-being
  • Easier cleaning – less likelihood of cavities etc.
  • Healthier gums
  • Bad speaking habits are alleviated
  • Breathe better
  • Can potentially stop snoring
  • Chewing certain foods can be better achieved
  • Aligned teeth cause less stress on your jaw bones (stop chronic jaw pain too)
  • Proper alignment will cause less wear and tear on your teeth

By having braces you can dramatically improve your overall dental health, in particular decreasing the chance of having gum disease or tooth decay. If your teeth sit in the incorrect position you are unable to correctly clean your teeth in the best way possible, as there may be too close or even too far apart. Bad dental health affects not only your oral health but potentially your overall health; studies have shown that those with bad oral health have links with diseases such as obesity or even heart health.

As seen, the health benefits of having straight teeth outweigh the aesthetic benefits greatly. Most orthodontists believe that this is the most important goal to achieve when having to straighten teeth. If you are interested in how braces can potentially improve your health, contact the team at Norwest Orthodontics on 9672 6113.

The health benefits of having straight teeth

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