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Teens, life and braces

Teenagers’ lives are packed full of events, social occasions and exciting life firsts - from that first day of high school to formals, first dates and growing independence. By nature, teens can also be self-conscious about their appearance and highly aware of what other people think, which may see them (...)

Why mouthguards are a must for children playing sport

Regardless of whether your child is undergoing orthodontic treatment or not, protecting the health of their teeth is paramount, which is why mouthguards are a must when it comes to playing sport. Statistics indicate dental trauma is one of the most common sporting injuries, and a properly fitted mouthguard can (...)

What’s changed since I had braces?

Just as computers and cars have improved in the past two decades, a lot has also changed in the world of orthodontics. That means the treatment and options available to your child might be far different to the recollections you have of wearing braces just a generation ago. If you’re (...)

I think my child needs braces – what next?

It’s fascinating to watch as your child transitions from a toddler to a school-aged child and then into their teens, with the arrival of adult teeth a major part of this transformation. But often the way those teeth arrive isn’t quite as expected. Some might overlap, others arrive a little (...)

What should you expect from an orthodontist?

Whether you’re an adult looking to undergo orthodontic treatment or you are seeking an orthodontist to assess and treat your child, finding the right professional to work with is critical. The orthodontic journey can span years and should see you emerge at the end with a beaming smile that sets (...)

Taking care of your orthodontic retainer

Congratulations, the braces are off! But although the hard work of shifting and aligning teeth might be complete, the next phase of orthodontic treatment is no less important. Now it’s about keeping those fresh, smooth, pearly whites in their rightful position and chances are your orthodontist has furnished you with (...)

Impacted teeth and orthodontics

In a perfect world the transition from baby teeth to adult teeth is seamless. The baby tooth falls out leaving sufficient space for the permanent tooth beneath it, which emerges in its rightful position without a hitch. But in reality, teeth don’t always play by the rules. In rare cases, (...)

The changing attitude to orthodontics

Just as the technology behind braces has changed markedly over the past decade or so, so too has the attitude towards orthodontics. Where once orthodontic treatments like braces may have been considered an option available for just a few, now teeth straightening and bite alignment are available to all. This (...)

Travelling? Here’s what to consider with braces

Whether it’s an extended work trip, a student exchange, or even just a holiday, if you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment and heading away for a trip, there might be a few extras you need to consider. Although orthodontic treatments like braces, Invisalign and retainers have very little impact on your day-to-day (...)

Teens, teeth and braces – a checklist

Teens' growth spurt includes a lot of physical changes and of these, one of the things they are most conscious about is their smile - teeth and braces. It’s often also the ideal time to address any issues of crooked teeth or remedy a misaligned bite, while entrenching good dental (...)

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