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Why do I seem to salivate so much now I have braces?

Excess saliva can be a common side effect when you first get braces; however patients need not be concerned as it doesn’t last too long.

Anything you place in your mouth sets off receptors in your brain, producing more saliva to prepare to digest food. So when you add braces in your mouth, these same receptors are triggered, creating excess saliva.

As well as your mouth producing more saliva, the fact that there are braces in between your teeth and lips means  your mouth may not close the same way it used to, so that can also cause you salivate more.

New braces patients should allow some time for the receptors to adapt to the new braces and stop producing excess saliva.

If you are still concerned about getting used to braces, contact the team at Norwest Orthodontics.


Why do I seem to salivate so much now I have braces?

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