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Oral bacteria and orthodontics

Whether you have braces, wear a plate or wear Invisalign aligners, when it comes to orthodontics, good oral hygiene plays a key role. That’s because the mouth is home to hundreds of types of bacteria - some good, some not so nice, and good oral hygiene is the best way (...)

Maintaining great teeth for life

A beautiful smile takes maintenance. Long after the braces have been removed and the retainer is cast aside, these perfectly straightened teeth will serve you in a life filled with eating, chewing, talking and the occasional knock and grind. At Norwest Orthodontics, our aim is to see you enjoy a (...)

Foods that stain your teeth

If you’ve invested time, effort and money in achieving the perfect smile through braces, the last thing you want to do is taint those pearly whites. And the truth is there are a host of foods many of us consume each and every day which can do exactly that. From (...)

Keeping your teeth and braces clean

Having braces is an investment in the future for both your oral health and a great smile. That’s why it’s critical you look after your teeth during treatment with some extra diligence when it comes to brushing and oral care. In truth, maintaining good oral hygiene with braces isn’t hard (...)

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