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Should I still visit the dentist during orthodontic treatment?

Yes! It is even more so important to visit the dentist during your orthodontic braces treatment than at any other point in your dental life. The misconception is, that as you are visiting an orthodontist already, why see a dentist? This is because your orthodontist and dentist are looking after two different things. Both are concerned about your overall oral health; however have different focuses as to what they are trying to achieve with your dental plans.

It is important that you find an orthodontist and dentist that are willing to communicate with one another when it comes to you or your child’s dental health. Most orthodontists in Sydney have a great relationship with dentists in their area, which ensures that you will end up with a great oral plan overall.

You don’t want to end up with the straightest smile and great bite after braces treatment and then find out you have holes and stains throughout your mouth which need further care and outlay of cost to amend. It is important you continue to see a dentist during orthodontics braces, as they will ensure that decay is not occurring and that your gums are healthy and disease free.

Another thing to consider when it comes to orthodontic treatment is the type of treatment you undergo. There are many new orthodontics braces that allow you to remove your braces; one in particular is Invisaliagn. Invisalign allows you to remove your braces for cleaning which means a better outcome overall both aesthetically and health wise.

If you are unsure as to whether or not your dental health is up to scratch during your braces treatment, don’t hesitate to ask the team at Norwest Orthodontics; we are very happy to recommend a great Norwest dentist or dentist close to your home.

Should I still visit the dentist during orthodontic treatment?

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