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Orthodontics a key factor in general health

Think orthodontics and the mind usually turns to straight teeth and a great smile. While these are an essential element of what orthodontics can offer, there’s a greater cause at play. The truth is, straight teeth set people up for better oral health for life, and here’s just a few (...)

Working together – dentists and orthodontists

As two of the major players in the general field of dentistry, the main ethos of dentists and orthodontists is to improve your oral health and create, care for and maintain a great smile. Often, we work together, with our services complementing each other as part of a wider commitment (...)

Celebrating Dental Health Week

Stunning and healthy smiles are in the spotlight this week as the Australian Dental Association celebrates Dental Health Week from August 6 to 12. Designed to highlight the benefits of a beautiful and healthy smile, the event profiles all areas of dental health including oral hygiene. With orthodontics being a (...)

Five ways orthodontic intervention can save you money and future dental work

According to the Australian Society of Orthodontists almost two thirds of Australians would consider orthodontic treatment to improve their smile, but aesthetic appeal isn’t the only benefit that comes with braces. In the long run, orthodontic intervention can save some serious money and further dental work. Here’s an insight into (...)

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