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Confidence and braces

It’s no secret that a winning smile can help boost your confidence and make a memorable impression on the people you meet. However, as we consistently note at Norwest Orthodontics, our role is to treat people, not just teeth, because there are a host of hidden benefits to orthodontic work (...)

Your most frequently asked orthodontic questions – answered!

Whether you’re considering braces for your child or are looking to straighten your own teeth as an adult, at Norwest Orthodontics, we’re always happy to answer any questions you have. Here we have your most important orthodontic questions answered. As it turns out, many people have similar queries when it (...)

Second thoughts? Here’s what happens if you don’t get braces

Orthodontic treatment takes commitment and it’s natural you might need time to consider whether it’s the right option for you or your child. That said, it is important to remember orthodontics is not just about the aesthetics of a straight smile. The orthodontic process involves aligning the teeth and jaw (...)

The benefits of braces versus veneers

If you’re an adult looking to straighten your teeth, chances are you’ve taken the time to investigate some of the options available, looking at orthodontic treatments like braces and aligners, and maybe even cosmetic procedures such as veneers. One of the questions we’re sometimes asked is why would a patient (...)

One size never fits all in orthodontic treatment

Just as every personality is individual and every face is unique, so is every smile. Importantly, the orthodontic treatment required to enhance and perfect that smile will also be specific to an individual. The upshot is one size will never fit all when it comes to orthodontics, which is why (...)

Orthodontics a key factor in general health

Think orthodontics and the mind usually turns to straight teeth and a great smile. While these are an essential element of what orthodontics can offer, there’s a greater cause at play. The truth is, straight teeth set people up for better oral health for life, and here’s just a few (...)

Tooth grinding and braces

Ever woken up in the morning with sore teeth or a dull headache? Well chances are you might be grinding your teeth. Estimated to affect half the population at some time of their lives, and five per cent of people regularly, grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw can have (...)

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