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Helping your child cope with braces

Braces as a child can be overwhelming and the reality is that there can be some pain associated with the orthodontic treatment. The first pain for most will be a few hours after the braces are first put in place. Unfortunately, this is due to them being new and sometimes they can irritate the inside of the mouth and teeth. Ensure you have pain killers at hand or, if you are especially concerned, Norwest Orthodontics can suggest a stronger pain killer.

When the braces are adjusted or bands changed, there can again be some discomfort as your teeth and mouth adjusts to the new position. Rest assured, the pain is temporary and will pass. However acknowledging the pain the child is in is an important first step.

Seeing a child in pain is not pleasant for any parent. Here are some tips to help your child cope with their braces:

  • Distraction – an age old parenting technique. Keep them busy with activities such as outside playing, going out, visiting a special park so they aren’t constantly thinking about their teeth and mouth.
  • Take time out to spoil – perhaps have a ritual where after each appointment your child has a treat, even something as simple as that night they get ice-cream after dinner. Norwest Orthodontics have a recipe book available online called Soft – Recipes for Tender Mouths and there are lots of treat meals that you and your child can plan together.
  • Focus on the long term benefits that braces will give your child. There are plenty of celebrities who had braces as children, perhaps show them photos of before and after.
  • Involving your child in the process is important – what day of the week they visit the orthodontist to get adjustments and what can be a treat for afterwards.
  • Keep a calendar to show your child appointment dates so they are prepared and to show that braces won’t be forever.

Norwest Orthodontics try to make the orthodontic treatment as painless as possible for all our patients. For more information about the different types of braces for your child, please contact the team at Norwest Orthodontics on 9672 6113.

Helping your child cope with braces

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