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Do I need a referral to visit Norwest Orthodontics?

A lot of people are confused as to whether they require a referral to visit an orthodontist.

Most people are referred to us here at Norwest Orthodontics by their dentist in particular because they are generally the first people to recognise the need for further orthodontic services. But unlike other specialists, orthodontists do not require an official referral from a dentist in order to treat their patients.

At Norwest Orthodontics, we are happy to provide an initial consultation as part of your or your child’s ongoing dental concerns or as a direct recommendation from your dentist. If you feel you have concerns that are outside of your family dentist’s expertise, feel free to speak to us to get the Norwest Orthodontics specialist opinion.

Your child may not need orthodontic treatments immediately but could in the foreseeable future. Early introduction to us as your orthodontist can help reduce your child’s anxieties and familiarise them to visiting us in the future.

Although it not a requirement of visiting Norwest Orthodontics, please bring any referrals your dentist does provide. This will ensure that we have all available information in order to effectively treat you or your child.

Simply call our office to book an initial consultation on 9672 6113 so Norwest Orthodontics can assess your orthodontic needs.

Do I need a referral to visit Norwest Orthodontics?

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