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What causes braces pain?

Braces can be uncomfortable. But, what’s actually causing that pain, and is it worth it?

Your mouth is a very sensitive part of your body, and small changes can introduce some discomfort during orthodontic treatment. However, that discomfort is a sign that your orthodontic treatment is actually working!

During your orthodontic treatment, your teeth will shift and realign to improve the aesthetic and functional aspects of your teeth. You will experience some discomfort as your teeth shift to their new positions, but as our Specialist Orthodontist will tell you, it’s worth it for that healthy smile at the end of your treatment.

You may also experience some discomfort as the protruding elements of your dental braces such as the brackets and wires rub against your cheeks or lips. It will take some time to get used to speaking and eating with your braces, but as you adapt to your new braces, that pain will lessen and you’ll be able to avoid rubbing those sensitive parts of the mouth against the brackets and wires of your dental brace.

The initial period of wearing your braces can be uncomfortable, but as you get used to them, that discomfort will lessen. At Norwest Orthodontics, our Specialist Orthodontist Dr. Purkayastha will prepare you for your orthodontic treatment, and will give you some tips to ensure that your time with braces is as pain-free as possible. For a healthier smile today, contact Norwest Orthodontics on 9672 6113!

What causes braces pain?

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