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To extract or not to extract?

Where possible, extraction is best to be avoided at the best of times. Extraction used to be a popular option when undergoing orthodontics braces, yet there are many custom orthodontics options now available that escape the need for extraction. For example, many orthodontists in Sydney opt for expanders, an expander opens up the jaw to allow more teeth room; meaning as a result teeth do not have to be extracted.

It is not to say that extraction is the wrong way to go, it just means that it should not be the first and only option decided on, particularly when it comes to braces for teenagers or braces for kids. The reason behind this is because children and teens are still growing and to extract teeth may be too pre-emptive.

There are many new types of braces available that cater for a crowded mouth. Many orthodontists in Sydney are exploring the use of Damon braces; at Norwest Orthodontics we use a program called Insignia braces which determines a custom orthodontics smile for each individual. Insignia braces works well in combination with Damon braces, pulling together the best of both their advantages. Using Damon braces helps to avoid extraction where possible, check with your Sydney orthodontist as to whether you are a suitable candidate for Damon braces.

Having an orthodontics consultation at a young age can prevent the need of extraction later in life. Braces for kids are the way of the future when investing in custom orthodontics. If you feel uncomfortable with a diagnosis of extraction for you or your children, ensure to have a second opinion carried out by another Sydney orthodontist or contact us at Norwest Orthodontics on 9672 6113 for your consultation today.

To extract or not to extract?

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