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Digital Modelling to get a perfect smile

There aren’t many industries that haven’t been affected by rapid technology advancements and automation that have dramatically change how processes are done and built in layers of efficiencies never before seen. A Perth company has even recently launched Hadrian, a brick laying robot who can work 24 hours a day to erect a brick frame of a house in just two days.

Digital modelling is one such technological advancement that is widely utilised in dentistry and orthodontics. Combined with traditional orthodontic treatments, digital modelling means your solution will be tailored to meet your exact dental needs.

Digital modelling can create a 3-D representation of your teeth and bite to allow us to custom design an exact prescription of orthodontic treatment.

The Insignia system relies on 3-D digital modelling to tailor your individual patient plan.

Utilising the 3-D representation of your exact tooth positioning, Insignia calculates the most optimal orthodontic plan for you. Unlike off-the-shelf braces and wires, an Insignia treatment plan creates a layer of meticulous detail that provides fast, accurate, and predictable results.

Each aspect is precisely calculated to affect tooth movement in the most optimal way, resulting in fewer office visits and exceptional comfort. And because Insignia treatment is 100% personalised, patients often see a reduction in the amount of time they would ordinarily wear braces.

Dentistry Insignia specialist Dr. Purkayastha is a member of a select group of cosmetic dentists who have undergone additional training and certification to provide the best patient care available and the perfect smile for you utilising the advantages of Insignia.

Dr. Purkayastha combines the advantages of Insignia braces with the benefits of Damon braces. Ask Dr. Purkayastha how you can experience the best of both Damon and Insignia Braces fast and comfortable treatment with precise and predictable results.

Digital Modelling to get a perfect smile

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