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When should I book my child in for their first orthodontic visit?

Orthodontic procedures and services do not have a time limit or “too old” threshold, but it is important to make sure your child is getting the right treatment, at the optimum time for their development.

As with all parts of physical growth, tooth and jaw development will differ greatly from child to child. With this in mind, it is very difficult to state the exact age children should undergo any necessary orthodontic procedures .

As a guide, most orthodontic patients begin active treatment between the ages of 10 and 14. But because of the long term nature of orthodontic treatment and the fact that every child is developing at their own pace, early assessment is vital to providing the most effective and lasting orthodontic solutions.

Orthodontic treatment is an essential part of a lot of children’s lives. Crowded or crooked teeth can be hard to clean, detrimental to your child’s emotional life and self-esteem, and even lead to serious medical conditions such as gum disease. Left unchecked, dental issues can become life-long concerns that require more painful and expensive treatments.

Your dentist may refer you directly to us because of some particular concerns they have for your child’s teeth. If this does happens, it is very important to speak to us as soon as possible in order to work out an appropriate, individualised treatment plan for your child.

It is also important that you familiarise your child with the environment and orthodontic staff at an early age so they can feel at ease with us. Any future appointments will carry significantly less apprehension and anxiety if your child has had positive experiences with us in the past.

To book your first visit with us you do not need a referral but if your dentist has provided one then please bring it along as it may contain important detail in relation to your child’s teeth. During this appointment we explain any issues we can identify with your child’s dental development, the proposed treatment to amend these issues, and the length of time this should reasonably take to complete. We can also discuss the financial costs associated and work out a convenient payment arrangement.

Feel free to call our office to discuss an initial consultation for your child on 9672 6113.

When should I book my child in for their first orthodontic visit?

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