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What can you do for your children to prevent them needing braces in the future?

Many of us would like to avoid putting our children through orthodontic treatment; however the reality is that most of us have or would like our children to go through treatment to straighten teeth or adjust teeth for health reasons. As adults, those of us who did not have orthodontic treatment as a child, wish we had!

However there are a few things that can help to alleviate needing long orthodontic treatments and also avoid having adult orthodontics at a later point in life. Many orthodontists in Sydney believe that the following can help:

Have your child avoid thumb sucking
Breast feeding to a full term may help jaws align
Easting right from the beginning – a good (natural) diet for your child
Good oral hygiene – flossing and regular brushing twice a day
Visit a dentist regularly and see an orthodontist no later than the age of 7
Unfortunately we cannot predict whether our children will need braces or not, even after following the above guidelines. However by visiting an orthodontist by the time your child is seven, we can monitor your child’s growth and development and this gives us the opportunity to decide the best care plan for your child leading up to potential treatment.

Seeing an orthodontist for early consultations may also allow us to avoid having your children’s teeth extracted. Regrettably, when people have treatment at an older age (even teens) there is more likelihood of teeth extraction because the bones are more developed. When your child visits an orthodontist at an earlier age, we can create plans that will best serve your child individually and where possible have them enrolled in a limited treatment plan.

For more information concerning paediatric treatment for your children or even just to chat about what you can do to prevent your children possibly needing treatment, contact Norwest Orthodontics on 9672 6113.

What can you do for your children to prevent them needing braces in the future?

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