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The myths and facts about braces

Once it has been determined whether orthodontic braces are the treatment for you, a million questions begin popping up; questions and ideas, myths and facts, all from others who have had orthodontic braces previously.

Let us break down some of those myths and give you the facts:

Myth: Braces set off metal detectors at the airport
Fact: Braces are made from lightweight materials which won’t be detected. At Norwest Orthodontics one of our treatments is Invisalign braces, which uses thermoplastic – meaning no metal and they are also removable by the patient.

Myth: Two people wearing braces can lock if they kiss
Fact: These days braces to straighten teeth are so sleek, at Norwest we use Damon braces, which are braces that are quite smooth and durable; therefore the likelihood of this actually happening is unlikely.

Myth: I am too old for braces
Fact: There is no such thing as too old when it comes to braces. Many adults are opting to straighten teeth these days as they can now afford braces and also for aesthetic reasons such as increasing their chances for job interviews.
Adult orthodontics is becoming increasingly popular; many adults are opting for invisible braces to straighten teeth, avoiding the look of braces.

Myth: Braces are unattractive
Fact: There are many types of braces now that are tooth coloured or even invisible! At Norwest Orthodontics we offer Damon Clear and Invisalign braces that are attractive, invisible and yet still functional.

To learn more about what braces options are suitable for you, contact us at Norwest Orthodontics today.

The myths and facts about braces

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