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Orthodontic issues that come back to “bite” as we age

Just like any area of the body, the teeth and jaw feel the impacts of age, while the habits we develop over a lifetime can add up to have dire consequences for our dental health. That’s why we stress the fact orthodontic treatment isn’t just about having a beaming, straight (...)

How braces can improve your facial shape

When people consider orthodontic treatment like braces, their focus is often specifically on their smile and more particularly their teeth, but did you know braces can also alter and improve your entire facial appearance? Here’s an insight into how that works… The mouth and the face The mouth plays an (...)

Impacted teeth and orthodontics

In a perfect world the transition from baby teeth to adult teeth is seamless. The baby tooth falls out leaving sufficient space for the permanent tooth beneath it, which emerges in its rightful position without a hitch. But in reality, teeth don’t always play by the rules. In rare cases, (...)

The changing attitude to orthodontics

Just as the technology behind braces has changed markedly over the past decade or so, so too has the attitude towards orthodontics. Where once orthodontic treatments like braces may have been considered an option available for just a few, now teeth straightening and bite alignment are available to all. This (...)

Five braces myths and facts

When it comes to braces and orthodontics, a wealth of myths abound, and sometimes these even cause people to delay seeking valuable treatment that could improve their overall dental health and wellbeing throughout life. The truth is, orthodontics isn’t just about straightening teeth and it’s certainly not just focused on (...)

Your most frequently asked orthodontic questions – answered!

Whether you’re considering braces for your child or are looking to straighten your own teeth as an adult, at Norwest Orthodontics, we’re always happy to answer any questions you have. Here we have your most important orthodontic questions answered. As it turns out, many people have similar queries when it (...)

Why has it been recommended I see an orthodontist?

Orthodontists and dentists work closely together to ensure your teeth are in the best possible health throughout the course of your life. And in some cases, that may mean your dentist recommends you or your child see an orthodontist. Although you do not require a referral to see an orthodontist, (...)

The dangers of DIY braces

You know what they say about things that look too good to be true…they probably are. And that’s definitely the case with the latest craze that claims people can successfully straighten their own teeth. Whether it’s using rubber bands or home straightening “kits” bought on the internet, orthodontic work is (...)

Why orthodontic treatment can’t be rushed

It’s natural to want to achieve that winning smile as quickly as possible. And the good news is, orthodontic treatments are far more efficient and effective than in years gone by, shaving months of the time it previously took to achieve a picture-perfect smile that lasts a lifetime. That said, (...)

I’m missing a tooth – can an orthodontist help?

Whether it’s due to trauma, gum disease or genetics, a missing adult tooth often has a knock-on effect in terms of tooth alignment. With free space created, other teeth tend to drift or tip into the gap, so effectively what started as a single missing tooth now extends to a (...)

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