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What our patients love about Norwest Orthodontics

Over the years we’ve treated thousands of patients at Norwest Orthodontics, and we’ve been heartened not only by the excellent orthodontic results, but also by the positive way people reflect on their experience at our practice.

We firmly believe our role is to treat people, not just teeth. So, here’s an insight into what our patients love about Norwest Orthodontics, in their own words.

Care and compassion

From the staff we select to how we interact with each and every patient, we relish the opportunity to put our patients first. And that ethos shines through, as patients reflect:

“The amazing thing is, not only has Norwest Orthodontics met my expectations but their team has exceeded them. From our first meeting with Dr Shimanto and his clear, caring explanation, to the affordability of their payment plans and the comfort of the practice, the whole experience has been exceptional. I’d simply never seen a doctor’s office like it previously.”

Or as the mother of a 13-year-old notes: “As soon as I met the team and the doctor, it was obvious why everyone I spoke to was raving about this practice. Every member of staff was incredibly friendly, professional and caring. My daughter was nervous, but the Norwest team was patient and empathetic, and I was impressed with how they put her at ease.”

Clear communication

Clear communication is fundamental to what we do, and it extends from the way we explain treatment options to how we tailor payment plans, and apparently it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“What I really liked was how clearly everything was explained – not just to me, but to my daughter. Dr Shimanto spent time talking directly with her to make sure she understood everything clearly and knew what to expect, and this helped her feel comfortable.”

Flexible payments

We appreciate that orthodontic work is a financial commitment. That’s why we tailor our payment plans make orthodontic work less of a financial impost. Here’s what our patients say:

“On the financial side of things, the flexibility of payment plans ensured treatment costs were clear and manageable,” and:

“Payment-wise, everything was clearly explained to me before-hand and the flexible payment plans made things even easier and more affordable than I had previously imagined.

Easy process

Yes, creating a great smile and safeguarding the future of your oral health takes time and effort, but we’re here to ensure the process is as simple and convenient as possible. And that reflects in the experience of our patients.

“My experience with Dr Shimanto and all the staff was excellent. Professional, caring and willing to go beyond is how I would describe their attitude.

“Everything at Norwest Orthodontics was geared towards making the entire process easy. Because of my work and being time poor I was so grateful for how flexible they were with appointments and how they worked around my schedule.”

Beautiful practice

We’ve invested a lot of time and effort into ensuring our practice features a welcoming environment and homely ambience. From the iPads we have available to the calming fish tank at the entry, it’s designed to provide a warm ambience set amongst state-of-the-art technology.

We’re thrilled to lean that effort is appreciated.

“Overall our experience was exceptional. The practice itself is beautiful and caters to all age groups   including adults and children. The entire Norwest team and Dr Shimanto are wonderfully caring and friendly, and we are so delighted with what they could do for us.”

“The practice is beautifully designed, the attention to detail ensures parents and children are catered for and looked after, and the fee structure allows for affordable treatment plans.”

Amazing results

Of course, like anything, the real proof of our services is in the amazing results we achieve. We’re proud to embark on a journey with our patients and actively share their success. Here’s a little about the results that make us all smile.

“We are so happy with the treatment and care offered by Norwest Orthodontics. The results achieved are amazing – my daughter’s smile, face and teeth look great.”

“Dr Shimanto has an excellent reputation and he certainly lived up to it when you look at Emma’s smile now. I am still amazed at what he was able to achieve, and Emma is so excited and happy.”

“My advice as a parent concerned about your child’s teeth is not to delay but go and get an assessment. The process for us was easy, affordable and actually enjoyable, and we couldn’t be happier with how things turned out.”

The Norwest Orthodontics family

Each patient is a valued member of our growing Norwest Orthodontics family. We specialise in helping patients achieve a great smile, no matter their age. We also welcome the privilege to play an integral role in improving self-esteem and fostering great oral health.

Norwest Orthodontics features a range of orthodontic treatments that span from early intervention right through to remedial adult work. You can learn more about our services, or contact us to make an appointment.

What our patients love about Norwest Orthodontics

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