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Things to look for in an orthodontist

Like any area of healthcare, a good orthodontic experience involves understanding your options, knowing what’s involved, and establishing open communication with the team who will be handling your care.

At its heart this “discovery phase” is about creating a relationship of trust that allows you to rest assured the orthodontic journey you or your child are about to undertake is right for you.

As you set about forging this relationship, here are four things to look for in an orthodontist.


Experience and expertise are paramount to the success of any orthodontic procedure, so ensure you seek out an orthodontist with the right credentials.

Reputable orthodontists will freely display their qualifications, but it’s also prudent to double-check by asking around seeking advice from your dentist or asking to see a catalogue of previous results.

This helps you establish the calibre of the work your orthodontist has performed in the past and how they are viewed by other professionals or the community. 

The experience

It’s important that you are comfortable within the orthodontic environment where you will be treated. So how does their clinic make you feel? Is it warm and welcoming, are staff happy, and do the facilities feel up to par?

If it’s your child embarking on the orthodontic journey, consider the environment through their eyes. Is this a place where they will feel at ease spending time? And are their younger needs catered for?


Chances are the relationship you establish with an orthodontist could last a couple of years. And, like any long-term commitment, it should be based on open communication.

How well does your orthodontist translate their technical expertise into interpersonal skills? Have they outlined procedures clearly? Do you know what’s involved? Have they made you aware of your options? And have they established what can be expected as a result?

Importantly, do they appear to value your welfare, ensuring you understand and are comfortable with any procedures they propose?

This open communication should extend throughout all areas of the clinic, from the welcome you get at the front desk to the orthodontist in charge and the hygienist you will regularly see.


Orthodontic work is a financial as well as a healthcare commitment, and it’s important you understand the costs involved at the outset.

How does your orthodontist handle the monetary side of things? Do they have payment plans, and what might be covered by your health insurer?

The best orthodontic practices will ensure you understand all areas of treatment including finances from the outset, allowing you to rest assured you know what’s likely to happen, when, and how much you will be investing in your treatment over time.

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Things to look for in an orthodontist

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