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Playing Sports While Wearing Braces

There is no reason why people with braces have to stop playing and enjoying sports.

Sports related injuries to the mouth and jaw are some of the most common injuries received.

When playing a wide range of sports mouthguards are recommended, because they can help cushion a blow to the face; minimising the risk of broken teeth and injuries to your lips, tongue, face, or jaw.  Protecting your teeth while playing sports is essential, even more so when you have braces.

Mouthguards are fitted directly over your teeth and braces and can be used to protect both top and bottom teeth. While there are a range of different mouth guards available, the key is to make sure they are comfortable and to have them properly fitted.

Previous generations of mouth guards used boiling water at home to mould them to your mouth, but these types of mouthguards can stick to the brackets of braces and pull them off when removed.

The Australian Dental Association strongly recommends investing in a custom-fitted mouthguard from your dentist. Custom-fitted mouthguards should be worn whilst playing and training for any sport where there is a possibility of contact to the face. These sports can include hockey, netball, baseball, basketball, and even skateboarding and skiing.

At Norwest Orthodontics, our Specialist Orthodontist Dr. Purkayastha can advise you on a suitable mouthguard for your sport and can customise a mouthguard for your comfort. Contact Norwest Orthodontics on 9672 6113 to make an appointment today.

Playing Sports While Wearing Braces

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