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Orthodontics a key factor in general health

Think orthodontics and the mind usually turns to straight teeth and a great smile. While these are an essential element of what orthodontics can offer, there’s a greater cause at play.

The truth is, straight teeth set people up for better oral health for life, and here’s just a few reasons why that actually works to improve your general health and wellbeing.

Easy cleaning

A perfect smile gives you increased confidence, however it’s not just aesthetics that orthodontics targets. Teeth that are straight and align in the right position offer you a better opportunity to maintain a beautiful smile.

When teeth are in their rightful position they can be more readily accessed for daily cleaning like brushing and flossing, and that’s the key for warding off bacteria, plaque and their effects, which lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

The great Australian bite

Let’s face it, teeth have a pretty big job to undertake over their lifetime. They contribute to a host of essential bodily functions like food digestion, speech and even facial formation.

To do this they need to meet at the right angle, at the right time under the right circumstances, and orthodontics is all about ensuring that’s the case.

Even naturally straight teeth may actually be out of alignment. And if that’s happening there’s the potential for problems down the track. When teeth meet incorrectly they may grind and wear. This in turn leads to chipping, cracking and increased cavities. It can also contribute to other problems like speech defects, breathing issues and sleep interruption or sleep apnoea.

Other health issues

The mouth is the gateway to the body and as such, good oral hygiene is linked to general health and wellbeing. A host of diseases are thought to stem from oral health problems, with gum disease and dental cavities often the precursor for health issues like cardiovascular disease.

Meanwhile, ongoing problems like sleep apnoea can contribute to depression, cardiovascular disease and more, so there’s no underestimating the importance of straight, properly aligned teeth.

The final word

The upshot is, an orthodontist is one of many health practitioners who can work towards ensuring your health and wellbeing over a lifetime. And importantly orthodontic treatment is about far more than an aesthetically pleasing smile. Visiting an orthodontist and having straight, aligned teeth is all part of an investment in your health now and in the future.

About Norwest Orthodontics

Norwest Orthodontics specialises in helping you achieve a great smile, no matter your age. We feature a range of orthodontic treatments that span from early intervention right through to remedial adult work.

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Orthodontics a key factor in general health

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