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Is teeth extraction a necessary part of braces treatment?

Removing teeth is not necessarily part of an orthodontic braces treatment plan. Each person needs to be individually assessed and if extraction is needed, it will be based on their particular treatment. Norwest Orthodontics will always review your treatment extensively as to develop a plan that is most effective and will try to limit any tooth extraction where necessary.

Your orthodontic braces treatment is designed to give you a straighter smile permanently, so therefore we need to address the reason for the problems in the first place. This could be due to overcrowding where you have more teeth than space, protrusion where the position of your teeth are causing your lips or teeth to stick out or a misaligned bite.

A way to reduce or eliminate the need for extraction is to bring your child in for assessment by the age of seven. This will allow for Dr Purkayastha to develop a plan that is most suitable for your child.

Where possible, Dr Purkayastha will avoid teeth extraction to straighten teeth, and will use other techniques to alleviate any concerns. However in cases where we do recommend any teeth extraction, it is only carried out when it is a necessary part of the braces treatment and will only be done to make the braces process more effective for a straighter smile when the braces are removed.

If you are concerned about tooth extraction or may be unsure whether it is the right treatment for you, visit Dr Purkayastha at Norwest Orthodontics for a first or second assessment. Contact us on 9672 6113.

Is teeth extraction a necessary part of braces treatment?

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