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Braces and facial aesthetics

Braces play a key role in facial aesthetics, specifically in the process to straighten teeth. In addition to straightening teeth, typically a person visits an orthodontist to address the following things in helping improve their facial appearance.

  • To treat overbites
  • To treat underbites
  • To treat overjets (“Buck teeth”)
  • To create more fullness and a broader smile
  • To change jaw shape

These areas can each be treated through early treatment as a child, in the teenage years or even as an adult. Often people visit cosmetic surgeons to address these things. However, this can drastically alter a persons face- and not necessarily in the right way. To ensure a safe and positive aesthetic change to your facial appearance in a non-invasive manner avoiding costly and painful surgery, investing in braces is an option where you know what you are getting at the end of your treatment.

Early treatment is quite common and popular in children these days as we have gained more knowledge as to the benefits. By treating early in a preventive and interceptive manner, we not only improve one’s facial appearance, yet also improve the functionality and health of a person’s mouth. Some patients, for whom braces were not an option while they were growing up, are investing in adult orthodontics now that they can afford them. They can then enjoy the benefits that arise from improved dental and facial appearance.

Many people invest in the improvement of facial aesthetics for different reasons:

  • Help improve their chances of winning a job interview
  • To give more balance to their face
  • To boost self esteem

These days there are treatments such as Invisalign, Damon Q Braces, Damon Clear Braces and Insignia. Insignia is a braces product that is tailored to suit the individual patient. A 3D image is taken of your bite and braces are then custom-created based upon what your prescription needs. At Norwest Orthodontics we combine the process of Insignia with Damon Q and Damon Clear Braces. Many people considering adult orthodontics prefer invisible braces (Invisalign).

These days you can achieve a great look during treatment due to invisible braces meaning you can start working on facial aesthetics before you even reach the end product.

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Braces and facial aesthetics

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