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A better smile = a better you

As the years move forward, society is becoming increasingly more aware of the benefits of feeling and looking good to benefit your overall health. What we may not realise, is that to straighten teeth and have a good smile is one of the biggest steps to leading to a better feeling you. This is why and increasing amount of people are having braces for adults. Adult orthodontics is seeing an increase in the use of Invisalign as it is a quick and invisible braces treatment. The below reasons show why having a better smile is a better you.

  • Smiling changes your mood as it releases endorphins
  • Smiling relieves stress and in turn lowers your blood pressure
  • Smiling boosts your immune system
  • Better job prospects, according to Invisalign, people who have straighter teeth are more likely to land a job than someone with crooked teeth
  • Having a better smile will see you more inviting to potential partners

Invisalign did a recent study and found the following statistics based on people’s perceptions of those with straight teeth and crooked teeth. Having a better smile gives you a better outlook on life. At Norwest Orthodontics we’ll tell you the internal benefits of having a great smile before we tell you about the aesthetics. Having straight teeth will increase your well-being more than you will realise, leaving you with a great smile and a great feeling.

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A better smile = a better you

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