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Why early intervention makes a big difference

There’s often a misconception that orthodontic treatment only takes place when a child reaches their teens. Contrary to this popular belief, early intervention can have major benefits in the prevention and treatment of emerging problems in a child’s bite formation and teeth alignment.

In fact, the Australian Society of Orthodontists recommends around the age of seven is the ideal time to schedule a visit to your orthodontist. Here’s five reasons why…

A heads up

At about the age of seven, many of the adult teeth have already erupted, providing an insight into any future problems that are likely to present in terms of teeth spacing, and bite alignment.

This allows your orthodontist to start addressing potential problems at an early stage, working to create the space required for additional adult teeth, or remedying a bite that is clearly misaligned.

In many cases, early intervention can minimise and even eliminate future treatment, enabling an orthodontist to treat the growing jaw pre-emptively rather than reacting to problems after they occur.

Less wear

Whether it’s an underbite, or an overjet, teeth that rub together at the wrong angle create wear that can worsen over time. By treating bite issues early, an orthodontist not only ensures treatment will be less invasive in the future, but saves teeth from wear and damage that can require costly rectification.

This has a lifetime of benefits, ensuring teeth are not compromised from the outset, and giving them the greatest chance of standing up to a lifetime of speech, chewing and eating.

Fewer extractions

Every situation is different, but early intervention can work to eliminate the need for tooth extractions in the future. An example would be creating room for the adult teeth to avoid crowding.

An early assessment enables your orthodontist to assess the space required for adult teeth to erupt and to create room for them, if necessary.

Better oral hygiene

Although much attention is given to the aesthetic benefits of straight teeth and an aligned bite, the benefits extend far beyond how a person looks. Good orthodontic practice enables patients to maintain better oral hygiene, accessing all areas of the mouth for cleaning, flossing and dental care.

It’s a simple philosophy; when teeth can be easily reached, they can be more effectively cleaned, and good oral hygiene starts long before all adult teeth erupt.

Reduce or even eliminate the need for surgery

Early intervention may not necessarily mean patients avoid braces later in life, but it usually means any work will be less extensive than if problems are allowed to evolve.

When problems are detected early, they can be treated early, or at the very least be planned for long before they become an issue that needs complex rectification. This can mean avoiding extractions and surgical procedures that address jaw issues.

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Why early intervention makes a big difference

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