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Five ways orthodontic intervention can save you money and future dental work

According to the Australian Society of Orthodontists almost two thirds of Australians would consider orthodontic treatment to improve their smile, but aesthetic appeal isn’t the only benefit that comes with braces.

In the long run, orthodontic intervention can save some serious money and further dental work. Here’s an insight into how.

Tooth decay

The best way to prevent future dental problems like tooth decay is good dental hygiene, but crooked teeth may mean some areas of the mouth are hard to reach and consistently keep clean. Over time this allows plaque to build up, leaving teeth more prone to holes and decay.

The long-term result is future dental intervention will be required including fillings or possibly root canals and crowns. 

Tooth wear

When top and bottom teeth fail to meet correctly, they may be subject to unnecessary wear and grinding during daily tasks like eating.

In cases with a large overbite or underbite only a few teeth will meet properly, placing unnecessary strain on them when it comes to chewing, biting and speech. With a large deep bite, there is excessive force on the front teeth, causing wear to them.

This strain adds up, causing teeth to wear down and even crack under the stress.

Gum disease

Just as good dental hygiene can prevent tooth decay, it can also play a role in the prevention of gum disease. Caused by excessive tartar and multiplying bacteria, gum disease sees pockets of the gum become inflamed and can ultimately lead to tooth loss.

Again, good oral hygiene means all teeth and the gums receive adequate care and attention. Straight teeth and an aligned bite ensures all teeth are equally accessible so there’s nowhere for plaque, tartar and bacteria to hide.

Tooth loss

Tooth decay, tooth wear and gum disease can all result in tooth loss, and it’s an expensive problem to remedy that may require dentures, implants or bridges. Such restorative work is often not as strong or secure as your actual teeth, meaning prevention is far better than any cure.

Breathing benefits

An often-underestimated benefit of orthodontic treatment is that it can assist with breathing issues by remedying the position of the jaw and the shape of the palate.

Common breathing complaints like mouth breathing result in further effects ranging from a dry mouth to excessive teeth cavities, and sleep interruption. In children, mouth breathing can also result in altered facial development that impacts the look of the face and function of the jaw.

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Five ways orthodontic intervention can save you money and future dental work

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