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True or false? Wisdom teeth will ruin the hard work of braces.

Many people believe that once your wisdom teeth come through, your perfectly straightened teeth will become crooked once again. However the likelihood of this occurring is fairly improbable, especially if you are keeping up with your post orthodontic treatment appointments.

Wisdom teeth are unlikely to ruin the hard work of braces, as wisdom teeth appear gradually erupt in the mouth. The problem that generally occurs with wisdom teeth is that people do not keep up with their regular dental checkups. It is important to monitor your wisdom teeth before they even appear, that way any potential problems with wisdom teeth are noticed. Regular post orthodontic treatment appointments and dental checkups are vital in maintaining both the hygiene of your mouth but also ensuring the longevity of your braces treatment.

Wisdom teeth are a different experience for everyone. Some people have all their wisdom teeth, however some people can have some or all of their wisdom teeth genetically missing. Some have straight and non-problematic wisdom teeth and others have cysts, impacted wisdom teeth or cavities. However you cannot know these details unless they are monitored and discussed with your dental professionals.

Post orthodontic appointments are just as important as all other braces appointments in maintaining straight teeth. If we are made aware of any wisdom teeth that are about to come through, we at Norwest Orthodontics can ensure that any post treatment maintenance – such as retainers- are adjusted accordingly. Therefore the best way to ensure that the previous braces treatment isn’t affected by wisdom teeth is to comply with your retainer instructions, monitor the wisdom teeth and regularly visit your dentist. Make sure to follow the recommendations of your dentist regarding any wisdom teeth removal as to ensure any the hard work of braces treatment to straighten teeth isn’t reversed. Remember, it is only when wisdom teeth are ignored that potential issues may occur and then the hard work of braces may come undone.

True or false? Wisdom teeth will ruin the hard work of braces.

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