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Pick this smile…

A great smile translates across nationalities, cultures, and class of life, genuinely welcoming people into your world and enabling them to share the emotion behind the grin.

It illustrates self-confidence, elicits a warm response and allows you to enjoy a host of health benefits that come with being happy in your own skin.

Bearing that in mind, we’ve narrowed down some of the world’s most famous and beautiful smiles, have outlined why they’re so well-regarded, and now challenge you to guess the identity of the grin…

A broad, beaming trademark

As far as smiles go this one is arguably amongst the most famous in the world. It’s renowned for its ready flash, broad toothy grin and the beaming disposition it proffers to waiting cameras.

And, yes experts argue there’s been some work on it over the years. A minor gap has now been closed, and it’s certainly been well-maintained.

Top grin

This smile is slightly improved on what it used to be, and braces played a very public role. It’s a grin that’s flashed readily, has been famous for decades, and even before straightening, drew adoring crowds.

Hot never cold

This is another winning smile that owes much of its aesthetic appeal to braces. It’s definitely hot, not cold, lights up like a firework, and is worthy of an appreciative roar.


Serious pedigree

These presidential pearly whites are by all accounts all natural.  Despite the burden of fronting the face of the Western World, they were always on hand to soothe even the iciest diplomatic impasse.

Royal grin

This stunning, royal smile is believed to be the work of Invisalign or braces, while some hazard a further guess it could be veneers. Regardless, the result is a flawless smile, that ultimately won over a prince.


Great genes

There’s nothing to suggest these neatly aligned numbers can be attributed to anything but good genes, and apparently, they run in a star-studded family. Now they front the smile of a superhero who remains set in his Australian surfy roots.

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Answers: Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, Katy Perry, Barack Obama, Meghan Markle, Chris Hemsworth.
Pick this smile…

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