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Meet Tina! Our Oral Health Therapist

Tina – Oral Health Therapist (OHT)

What does an Oral Health Therapist do?
As an Oral Health Therapist in an Orthodontic practice we work alongside a Specialist Orthodontist under their supervision to change arch wires, bond indirect braces, place fixed lingual retainers, to remove braces, take photographs and moulds and ensure patients maintain good oral hygiene.

What training have you done to become an OHT?
I have completed a Bachelor of Oral Health at The University of Sydney. I regularly attend lectures and conferences to keep myself up to date with the latest dental technology and innovations. One of the latest lectures I attended was about the iTero scanner. This new machine is amazing and is designed as a replacement of dental impressions. This digital scanner makes the practice more efficient and is very comfortable for patients of all ages.

What do you like most about your job?
I love working with children, working as a part of a Specialist Orthodontic team and that my job is so varied I am never bored!

What is your top tip for good oral health?
Apart from the obvious twice daily brushing and flossing, additionally good oral health can be achieved by minimising frequent snacking. This will reduce the constant acidic environment in the mouth, helping to maintain enamel and reduce dental decay.

Why should people choose Norwest Orthodontics?
Because you can expect excellence every time you come and see us. We treat all of our patients like family and we pride ourselves on this.

What is your life mantra?
Imagine. Believe. Achieve.

Tell us a little bit about your photo
The photo is of my adorable nephew Ashvan with me on my birthday. He will be turning 2 in October!

Meet Tina! Our Oral Health Therapist

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