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I want braces but I don’t want anyone to know!

Wearing braces can have a stigma attached and for many young adults lead to new, unwanted nicknames – brace face, metal mouth etc. So we often hear teens pleading with their parents not to make them get braces, or even adults wanting at great smile but not having to go to the office with braces that will make them feel self-conscious.

However orthodontics braces don’t need to be the shiny and chunky pieces of metal they once were. Many of the braces used and recommended by us are made of clear materials and virtually invisible. Many patients tell us that no one could even tell they have braces unless they mention it themselves.

Invisible braces blend with the natural colour of your teeth by being transparent and they avoid altering a person’s appearance with a mouth full of metal.

Using Orthodontic braces such as Damon Clear Braces, Insignia or Invisalign, you can drastically alter the way you look and smile without having to wear traditional bulky metal braces for up to three years.

Invisalign are virtually invisible braces featuring removable aligners that you change every two weeks for the next set of aligners.

Insignia combines sophisticated 3D treatment planning software and customised clear brackets and wires to provide faster and more predictable results, compared to that of traditional braces.

For more information on different orthodontic braces options, click here.

I want braces but I don’t want anyone to know!

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