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Eight things to tell your teen about braces

These days braces are almost a right of passage for children entering their teen years and for most kids the news they require them is taken in their teenage stride.

Some, however, may have a few reservations or doubts. If your child is baulking at the prospect, here’s eight things to tell your teen about braces.

They’re common

A host of orthodontic statistics indicate just how common braces are. It’s estimated 45% of kids need orthodontic intervention to fix obvious problems but when you consider less obvious issues like jaw misalignment that statistic rises to around 75%.

This means braces are far more common than they were in years gone by, with most teens likely to have many friends who have them during their school years.

Most welcome the news

Recent research by the Australian Society of Orthodontists shows many teens appreciate an investment into their future oral health. The ASO notes: “70% of Aussie kids are happy or excited when they find out they’ll need braces”.

In good company

What do Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Emma Watson and Justin Bieber have in common? They all had braces. Not only that, they flashed them willingly in many a photo, and now have even more reason to smile courtesy of great teeth.

They’re temporary

Teens may see a couple of years as an eternity, but there is comfort in the fact braces are a temporary measure that ultimately improves your smile. Importantly, the sooner you have some types of orthodontic work done, the less likelihood there is of more invasive treatment in the future.

Treatment is faster and more effective than in years gone by

At the risk of whipping out that parenting gem “in my day…”, it might pay to remind your teen that braces are now more effective, and the treatment is faster than it was in previous years. That’s because technology has improved in areas like imaging, modelling, and the materials used in the actual braces.

A great smile lasts a lifetime

Long after those braces come off, your teen will enjoy the smile that results from orthodontic intervention. That means they’re more likely to feel confident in the future during those major milestones in life like job interviews, their wedding, and other social events.

They lead to better dental health

A great smile not only results in confidence but also improves overall oral health, and again this is a gift that keeps on giving.

Aligned teeth and a correct bite enable all areas of the mouth to be easily reached for cleaning, which means, with the correct care, fewer dental issues will emerge in the future.

There are options

Should these persuasive arguments fall on deaf ears, there are discrete braces options for your self-conscious teen.

One of the most readily known is Invisalign and it’s a treatment that has revolutionised the world of orthodontic care. Instead of metal braces and brackets, Invisalign uses a series of custom-fitted clear aligners to gently shift teeth into position.

They’re removable and invisible, yet still achieve the perfect smile.

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Eight things to tell your teen about braces

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