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I think my child needs braces – what next?

It’s fascinating to watch as your child transitions from a toddler to a school-aged child and then into their teens, with the arrival of adult teeth a major part of this transformation. But often the way those teeth arrive isn’t quite as expected. Some might overlap, others arrive a little (...)

Teens, teeth and braces – a checklist

Teens' growth spurt includes a lot of physical changes and of these, one of the things they are most conscious about is their smile - teeth and braces. It’s often also the ideal time to address any issues of crooked teeth or remedy a misaligned bite, while entrenching good dental (...)

Eight things to tell your teen about braces

These days braces are almost a right of passage for children entering their teen years and for most kids the news they require them is taken in their teenage stride. Some, however, may have a few reservations or doubts. If your child is baulking at the prospect, here’s eight things (...)

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