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Do I need teeth removed due to crowding?

One of the most common questions orthodontists are asked is: Do I need teeth removed due to crowding?

And the short answer is – only if it is indicated. At Norwest Orthodontics we assess every patient on an individual basis and only in some cases will it be necessary to remove teeth for crowding.

Here’s an insight into how we go about making the assessment as to whether you need teeth removed due to crowding.

Finding the root cause

There’s a lot that Dr Shimanto Purkayastha considers when devising a treatment plan for our patients. Not only does he assess what is happening inside the mouth, he will also examine the patients face to ensure that the end result provides improved facial appearance.

Dr Shimanto will avoid teeth extraction where possible, and will use other techniques if he feels they can assist. In the rare cases where we do recommend any teeth extraction, it is only carried out when absolutely necessary to ensure an excellent end result.

The most important thing to remember is that orthodontic treatment is designed to give you a perfect smile for life.

The problem with crowding

Crowding occurs when the bite isn’t correct or there simply isn’t enough space in the mouth for all teeth to be in the correct alignment. As more adult teeth emerge it’s a problem that tends to get worse.

Not only can crowding make people feel self-conscious about their smile, it also makes it harder and more time-consuming to maintain oral hygiene, with some teeth less accessible when it comes to brushing and flossing. If left untreated, this can result in tooth decay, gum disease and ultimately tooth loss.

Can I avoid having teeth removed?

Early intervention is the best way to avoid teeth removal, with the Australian Society of Orthodontists recommending children should have their first orthodontic assessment at around the age of seven.

This allows your orthodontist to start addressing potential problems at an early stage, working to create the space required for additional adult teeth, or remedying a bite that is clearly misaligned.

At about the age of seven, many of the adult teeth have already erupted, providing an insight into any future problems that are likely to present in terms of teeth spacing, and bite alignment.

In many cases, early intervention can minimise and even eliminate teeth removal, enabling an orthodontist to treat the growing jaw pre-emptively rather than reacting to problems after they occur.

About Norwest Orthodontics

Norwest Orthodontics specialises in helping you achieve a great smile, no matter your age. We feature a range of orthodontic treatments that span from early intervention right through to remedial adult work.

We also have a suite of treatments available that include discrete, removeable Invisalign braces, and welcome the opportunity to work with you to achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

You can learn more about our services, or contact us to make an appointment.

Do I need teeth removed due to crowding?

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