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Nervous about braces? Tips to help overcome brace anxiety!

Getting braces can be a very scary thought and one that can bring on a whole lot of anxiety. Most people envisage a very dramatic change to their physical appearance, or they focus on how much it might hurt, but it is so important to have the right frame of mind when committing to an orthodontic treatment plan.

It is easy to lose sight of the end result, especially when some orthodontic procedures can seem to take forever. Here are some key tips to remember whenever you feel anxiety about getting or having braces on.

Accept that you will look a little different.

It is unfortunate that the ideal time for orthodontic treatments is between the ages of 9 and 14 years of ages, and this just happens to be one of the most formative ages of personal development in a child’s life. The social impact of getting braces and how this will affect your confidence is one that really needs to be addressed prior to having them put on so you feel like you are well-prepared for the change in your appearance. Luckily, these days the braces that are available are much less obtrusive when it comes to your appearance.

Talk to your orthodontist – a lot!

Your orthodontist is your partner through the entire process of your treatment so it is really important that you are open with them about any anxieties or concerns you may have. They can also help with more specific tips to help you make your braces experience a comfortable one. You will be seeing them a fair bit over the course of your treatment so make sure you feel like you can communicate what you are experiencing to them.

Remember to manage your pain.

When you first get your braces on, it may feel uncomfortable but there are steps you can take to reduce and manage your pain. Painkillers are recommended at this time, so be sure to be honest with your orthodontist about your pain levels.

Utilise the tricks and tools that can make you more comfortable.

There are things you can do and tools that you can use to alleviate the effects of having braces. Simple things such as avoiding hard foods, using braces wax to stop them irritating your cheeks and gums, and paying particular attention to the routine you use to take care of your teeth can really help to minimise the discomfort you may feel.

Remember that this is a journey with an end.

Committing to braces is committing to a long-term dental goal. It is easy to lose enthusiasm for a perfect smile when you are experiencing discomfort. But remember, there is an end date in sight and that end date will bring you the end results that you have been dreaming of in your straighter, realigned teeth.

If you would like any further information or are experiencing any anxiety in relation to getting braces, please call us at Norwest Orthodontics so we can work through these issues, together.

Nervous about braces? Tips to help overcome brace anxiety!

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