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How much will braces cost?

The benefits of a beautiful smile and increased confidence may be priceless, but one of the prime questions that many parents and adult patients have is how much will braces cost?

The truth is the price of orthodontic treatment can vary depending on what’s required and the products you choose, but most people find it’s an investment well worth making, that costs less than they think.

To make the process a little simpler, here’s an insight into the general cost of braces, what you’re paying for, and what to expect.

A ballpark figure

Every patient has individual treatment needs, and there are a number of factors likely to affect the price. These include the type of braces chosen, whether any tooth extractions are required, and additional treatment options that may be needed to keep teeth straight once the braces are removed.

The Australian Society of Orthodontists notes the price of standard metal brace varies from $5000 to $9000 depending on what’s involved. That’s a good general rule of thumb, but at Norwest Orthodontics we’ve noticed most people find braces more affordable than they expected.

So here’s an insight into what’s covered within that cost.

The braces

The actual physical elements of the braces are part of the overall treatment cost, and this too varies depending on the products required.

“Braces are quite intricate,” the Society of Orthodontists explains, “with three parts that work together to achieve results”.

The main components include:

Brackets – these are attached to individual teeth with special glue, and are made of ceramic or surgical steel.

The archwire – This connects the brackets together and applies the gentle force that guides teeth into place.

The bracket gates – These lock the archwire into position in the brackets.

Further appliances may also be required as part of the treatment, such as bite correction or a jaw expansion plate.

Regular visits

While the equipment is a component of the cost, it’s not the only factor, with regular visits part of your treatment plan. Initially these visits will include taking detailed images, devising the best treatment plan for your needs, and creating any custom-made appliances required.

Once braces have been applied, visits involve adjustment and reviewing the general progress of your treatment. These visits can occur as regularly as once every four to nine weeks.

Expertise and practice equipment

Part of the cost of any orthodontic treatment relates to the expertise and specialist equipment required. Orthodontists are highly qualified experts in their field.

“As well as undergoing five years of training to become a dentist, an orthodontist has completed an additional three years of full-time specialist training (over 4000 hours) to become an orthodontist,” the Society of Orthodontists notes.

Their support team is also highly skilled, relying on specialist equipment to get the job done.

All these factors add up to a professional service that ensures treatment is tailored, specific and caters to an individual’s needs.

Treatment plans

At Norwest Orthodontics we have dedicated treatment co-ordinators for each of our patients so you can discuss fees prior to the commencement of treatment. This allows you to understand, plan and budget for the cost of orthodontic work.

We also have a variety of payment plans available to reduce stress and eliminate any upfront costs. Our interest-free, flexible plans start from as little as $10 a day. This is part of our commitment to ensuring a beautiful smile, and exceptional treatment and care is available to all.


Many private health providers cover a portion of orthodontic work and associated hygiene appointments. What’s covered and how much depends on your insurer and the type of cover you have, so make contact with your provider to find out what’s available to you.

About Norwest Orthodontics

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Our team prides itself on our communication, professionalism and industry expertise, with the results to back our highly-regarded reputation.

Importantly, we understand one size does not fit all and our focus is on meeting every individual patient’s needs. You can learn more about our practice, qualifications and team ethos here, or contact us to schedule an appointment.


How much will braces cost?

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