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Fitting orthodontic visits into your busy schedule

An investment in an Invisalign treatment plan is an investment in a beautiful smile. This investment must be protected by a consistent commitment to regular appointments so your orthodontic professional can check on the progress of your realignment.

Norwest Orthodontics are a premium provider of the Invisalign system. We highly recommend that our patients have a progress check at 6 weeks in order to properly maintain and configure their realignment goals.

These appointments don’t need to be long or involve extensive work. Scheduling a quick progress appointment at the suggested intervals will maximise the effectiveness of your treatment and shorten the time that you will need to wear your aligners.

The team at Norwest Orthodontics are dedicated to providing the best possible experience with our Invisalign treatments. A central part of this is our upfront planning for both your procedures and your check-up appointments. When deciding on embarking on an Invisalign system, your Norwest professional will carefully consider a treatment plan and schedule that is completely tailored to your needs.

Fitting these appointments into a busy schedule is sometimes hard to juggle, but at Norwest Orthodontics we do provide flexible appointments to accommodate our patients.

Orthodontic treatments are not something to be disregarded because of a busy lifestyle. Getting the smile you deserve is now easier than ever with the excellent treatment options and services at Norwest Orthodontics.

Fitting orthodontic visits into your busy schedule

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