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Does wearing braces change the shape of your face?

Lots of people who are suffering from a dental alignment issue or who are considering braces come to the orthodontist with a very specific question:

Will having braces change the shape of my face?

Some patients ask this in the hope that their orthodontist will say that it can, essentially fixing an issue that they are concerned about. Others are fearful that having braces to straighten or realign their teeth will completely alter their facial structure without any form of control over the progress.

Braces change the position of your teeth and can change the appearance of a patient’s face. At times this can be a desired outcome and at times no change in facial appearance is needed and simply straightening teeth is the objective. The ability to diagnose and control orthodontic appliances to change or not change facial appearance is achieved only after years of specialist study, training and experience. The best way to ensure you have the desired end outcome is to seek specialist level care with an appropriately trained and experienced specialist orthodontist.

Dr Shimanto is a Board Certified specialist orthodontist with many years experience and can very specifically correct particular issues in relation to jaw and teeth alignment. There’s no need to worry about negative alterations to way your face appears as a structured customised treatment plan will be tailored to your individual needs and circumstances.

Braces are essentially used to change the alignment of teeth. By realigning such bite issues as cross bites, over bites and overcrowded teeth, braces can effectively give people straighter, better, functioning and more attractive teeth.

Something as personal and intimate as changing the way your teeth and face look needs to be handled by a professional you can trust. It is vital that you feel comfortable with your treating professional as this a long-term and life-changing process.

At Norwest Orthodontics, we take pride in our commitment to providing our patients with careful, compassionate and understanding services to help them with their orthodontic journey. Call us today to discuss what options are best suited to your circumstances.

Does wearing braces change the shape of your face?

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