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Will health insurance cover braces treatment?

Most health insurance has dental cover rebates for fillings, general cleanings and check-ups. However most health insurance companies separate orthodontics from this general dental cover and often it is a different level of cover and rebate when compared to general dental.
Braces are considered a major orthodontic treatment and the overall treatment plan is often a two to three year process, with each adjustment to the braces bringing teeth straighter. The cost of braces over this period will vary depending on the type of braces recommended and the number of visits to the orthodontist over this time.

If you are considering taking out private health insurance to cover the cost of braces there are a few points to consider:

  • There’s normally a waiting period for new health insurance coverage. Make sure to check the details as sometimes there can be up to a 24 month waiting period for major orthodontic treatment such as braces.
  • Most health funds have a lifetime limit per person AND a yearly limit

In some cases, health funds may need an Orthodontic Treatment Plan to determine your orthodontic benefits. Before under go any treatment, you should ask your orthodontist to provide you with a written Treatment Plan.

The Treatment Plan should include the estimated length of treatment time, the dental item number used to identify the treatment, the total cost of the orthodontics and how you intend on paying for the treatment i.e. upfront lump sum payment or monthly instalments over the duration of treatment.

Once you have your Treatment Plan, you should provide a copy to your health fund who can then give you a benefit quote based on your treatment and level of cover.

To help cover the cost of your orthodontic treatment, Norwest Orthodontics has a range of interest free payment plans.

Our payment plans are structured so that you can pay a small initial deposit when the orthodontic treatment begins and instalments over the course of treatment. We are flexible and willing to work with you to find a finance plan that best fits your budget.

After your initial consultation, we will provide you with an all-inclusive quote so you know exactly what to expect before beginning treatment. Our quotes are all inclusive and have no hidden charges.

Contact Norwest Orthodontics today to discuss your orthodontic needs.

Will health insurance cover braces treatment?

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