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What is the key to successful orthodontic treatment?

The key to a successful orthodontic treatment is all about listening to your orthodontic specialist! It sounds a little obvious, but you will be surprised at to how many people don’t listen to their orthodontist and end up with results that are far from expectations. If you want to straighten teeth properly, you need to follow all the way through. Some of the things patients that don’t follow through affect their results for life; see what some of these include below.

Listen to your orthodontist regarding:

  • Not seeing a dentist during orthodontic treatment can lead to bad dental hygiene, decay, gum disease etc.
  • Not brushing and flossing during orthodontics braces, again leads to decay, gum disease and staining.
  • Eat suggested foods and avoid certain foods as recommended by your orthodontist. This is particularly important with braces for teenagers.
  • Avoid playing with your orthodontics braces as this can break your wires and in turn increase your treatment time.
  • Come to your booked appointments. These appointments are set at intervals recommended for your customised orthodontic treatment. Missing appointments delays your treatment, meaning you wear your braces for longer.
  • Follow through on any changes your orthodontist recommends, such as tightening, turning, wearing plates, retainers etc. following through on instructions ensures optimum results.

The problem is that everyone has an opinion on what they think is best based on what they experienced during braces orthodontics treatment. Your orthodontist may tell you to wear your retainer at nights whilst your friend says they wear theirs every day. Remember, listen to your orthodontist – they have a custom orthodontics plan specifically laid out for you. What one orthodontist may have planned for one patient can be completely different for another and that is because we all have a unique smile. If you’re unsure as to your personal orthodontics plan, call us on 9672 6113 at Norwest Orthodontics to discuss your new customised orthodontics plan.

What is the key to successful orthodontic treatment?

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