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Want a straight smile for your wedding; without all the fuss?

When searching for an orthodontist for you or your child, it can become quite overwhelming. There are many choices of braces to choose from and it can also be daunting to pick the best orthodontist to visit. To help narrow it down, we have collated a list of top five questions that you should ask when choosing an orthodontist. One set of questions is for when choosing for adult orthodontics and the other for children; you will find some questions overlap, however there are certain aspects to consider for each group.

Just got engaged? Congratulations! So you have the perfect partner, but don’t quite have the perfect smile? Not to worry, there are orthodontic treatments that are non-invasive, relatively quick and easy to manage; giving you a perfectly beautiful smile for your wedding day.

One of our clients Natasha Williams, decided to invest in orthodontic treatment for her big day, and looked amazing. Not only did she score an amazing smile, but she also landed herself in an ad for the RSPCA! Natasha was recommended the Invisalign treatment, which is a non-invasive, clear brace. The great thing is, is that if you need to continue treatment through your wedding, you can easily not wear your braces- because they are removable!

Invisalign braces are also considerably comfortable and are a great option for a perfect wedding day smile as they do not interfere with your everyday living and routine. Invisalign has a great system that is able to show you how your smile will appear at the end of treatment and before you even start. To see Natasha’s before and after smile, click here.

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Want a straight smile for your wedding; without all the fuss?

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