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Tooth Care and Cleaning Routines While Wearing Braces

If you’ve invested in your smile by seeking orthodontic treatment, you already know that it isn’t enough to just wear your braces and waiting for their removal. Your teeth still need to be cleaned daily, and so do your braces. To simplify your oral care, we’ve compiled this short list of tips for you to follow when you’re cleaning your teeth while wearing braces.

1. Remove any Removables

If you have elastics or removable parts to your braces, remove them prior to cleaning your teeth. Put them in a safe place, and don’t forget to clean all those removable bits and bobs too!

2. Clean Your Braces

Clean your orthodontic brace by placing the toothbrush’s head at a 45-degree angle and cleaning around your braces. Be gentle, but make sure to brush all the areas you can reach.

3. Clean Your Teeth

Clean each of your teeth individually, spending roughly ten seconds on each tooth to remove all the food stuffs that may have been caught over time.

4. Floss!

Floss is an essential part of your oral care routine, but most skip it and many with braces dismiss it due to the difficulty. There are flosses available that are designed to make flossing easier for those undergoing orthodontic treatment. Enquire with your orthodontist for suggested brands and types!

5. Rinse

Rinse, and check out your teeth in the mirror!

By following this routine, you’ll enjoy a healthier looking smile and a stress-free orthodontic treatment process. Combine these tips with our braces-friendly recipes and smile with confidence in no time!

Tooth Care and Cleaning Routines While Wearing Braces

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