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Correcting a bad bite early can help later on?

As with all dental issues, early consultation to gain a professional diagnosis is highly recommended. Depending on the circumstances and the age of the patient, immediate treatment may not be necessary. However, some instances can benefit dramatically from a range of interim measures even prior to considering braces.

Dental growth and alignment issues can be effectively diagnosed from as young as 7 years old, with the key treatment period being between 9 and 14 years of age. Early diagnosis and treatment can significantly increase the effectiveness of treatments, as well as reducing timeframes and discomfort.

Early diagnosis and treatment for bite issues takes advantage of the fact that a child’s jaw is still growing, and that tooth alignment has not been entirely finalised. Movement and realignment of the jaw and teeth is much less painful for a younger child and can be done so with more gentle measures.

Norwest Orthodontics’ Dr Purkayastha specialises in orthopaedic, otherwise known as interceptive, orthodontic treatments for his younger patients. Leaving dental anomalies untreated can result in significant health issues. Identifying issues and planning effectively to correct them ensures that more intensive and time-consuming procedures can be avoided in the future.

Without remedy, some bite issues that would benefit from orthodontics including under bites, cross bites and crowding can lead to serious knock-on health problems including eating difficulties, tooth decay, excessive wearing of tooth enamel, speech difficulties, chronic jaw pain, sleep apnoea, chronic open mouth breathing and subsequent halitosis or bacterial infections.

Correcting early bite issues can also facilitate a smooth transition to further procedures, such as braces. Creating an efficient working platform for any realignment alternative is going increase their effectiveness and significantly reduce the time they need to be applied.

By embarking on an early orthodontic journey, you ensure that your child’s procedures can run as smoothly as possible and even reduce the intervention that is required. Contact Norwest Orthodontics today to discuss the treatment options that can protect your child’s health.

Correcting a bad bite early can help later on?

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