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10 hidden benefits of straight teeth

A beautiful smile may be the ultimate outcome of orthodontic treatment, but there are also a host of hidden benefits to having straight teeth. The advantages of a winning smile extend long into the future and encompass everything from psychological wellbeing to better general health. Here are just some of (...)

Mind the gap – A diastema

There’s a few things more endearing than a beaming toothy grin, but when that grin features a significant gap between the teeth, it might be time to have it looked at by an orthodontist. This gap is known as  a diastema, and while in some cases it may close over (...)

Maintaining great teeth for life

A beautiful smile takes maintenance. Long after the braces have been removed and the retainer is cast aside, these perfectly straightened teeth will serve you in a life filled with eating, chewing, talking and the occasional knock and grind. At Norwest Orthodontics, our aim is to see you enjoy a (...)

Avoiding orthodontic relapse

If you’ve invested time and money in orthodontic treatment to create the perfect smile, the last thing you want is to see those beautiful pearly whites move out of their perfectly aligned position. But the reality is, teeth can begin to shift after braces for a variety of reasons. Known (...)

The history of orthodontics

For almost as long as we’ve been flashing our pearly whites, we’ve been finding better ways to create the perfect smile. In fact orthodontics may well have been practised more than 2300 years ago, with Cleopatra among the celebrities employing early techniques to improve her teeth. Here’s just a little (...)

Orthodontics extends beyond braces

While braces are a major element of orthodontic work, they’re not the only service an orthodontist provides, nor is having braces the only time in your life you might have to visit an orthodontist. In fact, visiting an orthodontist at different stages of life for a variety of reasons is (...)

Five fun facts about orthodontics

Think you’re in the minority when it comes to wearing braces? Well, think again because at this very moment millions of Australians are in orthodontic treatment. Celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are just a few who have achieved the perfect Hollywood smile using braces. Here are (...)

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